Faqs & press

Faqs & press

Online orders

Why are there different weights available on some products?

Please be advised that our products are hand-cut and therefore can vary in weight. You can select different items from the same category by adding them one at a time to your shopping cart.

For larger orders, please contact us. 

Shipping & Delivery

How can I order?

Click here to get to our products page and order pick-up or delivery online.

Nationwide shipping is available by contacting us directly.

For any special request, feel free to email us at contact@maisonporcella.com

Where do we deliver/ship?

Shipping nationwide is available only by contacting us directly.

Our store is based in Windsor, California. We deliver in Sonoma & Napa County, Bay Area, South Bay (down to San Jose), and East Bay (Fremont, Oakland, Berkeley).

You can also select a pick-up location at one of the Farmer's Markets we attend (Healdsburg, Sonoma, San Rafael Civic center).

Check the dates available once you start creating your account.

Feel free to contact us for delivery and shipping information if your address doesn't match our services.


About our products

What are pâtés made of?

Our pates are 100% hand-made with locally sourced meats. Pâtés are comparable to gourmet meatloaves. There are infinite patés, but we focused on traditional recipes elevated with our Chef’s fine dining experience.

You can find all the ingredients on each product page. If you have any additional requests, we would be happy to give you more information.

Fill our contact form, and we will get in touch with you!

How do I store my products?

Our products should be kept refrigerated preferably in an airtight container and consumed within 7 days after opening. You might see an oxidation after few days, but it won’t affect the taste.

Health & safety

Our kitchen is a state inspected kitchen that is regulated under California department of Agriculture.

We prioritize using only fresh, high quality ingredients produced according to safety and cleanliness Federal guidance.