Our products

Our products

Pâté Grand-Mère

Pork with chicken liver, parsley, shallots, port wine, cream, eggs, and bread.

Paté grand mere


Pork Rillettes

Slow cooked pork, worked into a rich and creamy spread. Finished with goose fat and herbs. Gluten Free

Pork Rillettes


Parisian Style Ham

Whole local ham prepared Parisian style. Infused with vegetable base brine and slow cooked. Gluten Free

Paris Style Ham


Head Cheese

Slow cooked pork head seasoned with local Gewürztraminer wine, shallots, and garlic, and fresh herbs. Gluten Free

Head cheese


Chicken Pistachio Pâté

Local free-range chicken and heritage pork jowl, seasoned with cognac, egg cream, nutmeg, cremini mushrooms and pistachios. Makes a rich and spreadable pâté.

Chicken Pistachio


Duck & Orange Pâté

pork jowl, duck liver, coriander, shallots, orange zest, porto

Duck & Orange Paté


Chicken Liver and Black Truffles Mousse

Pork and chicken liver, black truffles, oignons, egg, cream and milk

pork and chicken liver, black truffles